Specialty of processed cheese made from Chaource PDO. For making canapes as an aperitif, in conjunction with sauce or grilled meat topping. The possibilities are endless.

fat / total weight 24%
order / billing unit x 6
conservation: + 4 à + 6°C
packaging specifications: PP jar and PS lid, operculum
nature: Cheese spread spread based on Chaource AOP

The soft, creamy and buttery texture of this cheese is a gourmand’s delight with a white wine that will accentuate its finesse.

For this, you should find a dry white wine, filled out with a nice minerality. It perfectly demonstrates the appearance of an identical cellar or at least similar to that in the Chaource region. Again, the Chablis, of a vintage that is nearing maturity, will meet the requirements.

A rounded, aromatic complexity and verve are all qualities that will highlight the delicacy of this cheese. Ideally: Chablis First Cru, vintage. Bourgogne aligoté, young vintage.

Alternatives: All types of white wines that combine freshness and minerality. Dry Jurançon, white wines from Alsace (Rieslings, Sylvaners).

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