It’s a long story that reveals the heart of this cheese, which emits a light hazelnut flavour. A soft cheese, named after the village located 15 km from Auxon in the department of Yonne in Burgundy. It was once produced in all the nearby farms. It benefits from a light rubbing and is ripened for 20 days without flipping.

It is then boxed and sealed with a microperforated film which helps it to develop and emit a slight nutty smell.

Soft cheese with cow’s milk and mixed rind. A wrinkled orange-yellow crust with a light white down hides a melting and creamy paste. The aromas are distinctive and reveal a subtle nutty flavor. The flavors assert themselves over time.

fat / total weight 20%
order / billing unit x 6
conservation: + 4 à + 6°C
packaging specifications: Label, microperforated film, wood box
nature: Soft cheese, mixed rind, fine and tender cheese

Creamy cheese, full of sweetness, which does not whittle down the very tasty flavours, this cheese requires a charismatic accompaniment.

A sweet and tender white wine, which again, is full of minerality. A play on the power of a terroir, with a vintage (cru) Chablis sounds like a great idea, especially if the wine has had time to mature, it will have gained complexity and strength. This accompaniment offers a superb combination between length and opulence.

Alternatives: Mineral white wines, Chenin Blanc varietals, Marsanne, Petit Manseng (Montlouis, Vouvray, Chinon Blanc, Jurançon, Rhone whites.)

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