The Val d’Armance is a soft cow’s milk cheese, which requires a minimum of three weeks to ripen; it reveals a soft and creamy texture under its fine and fuzzy skin. Its elegant, delicate and subtle flavours will delight the palates of the most delicate to the most demanding. Cheese enthusiasts who love complex tastes will take care to leave this to ripen so that it matures to reveal an inner layer which becomes soft with full and lingering flavours.

fat / total weight 20%
order / billing unit x 2
conservation: + 4 à + 6°C
packaging specifications: Wooden box and lid, wooden tray, label, microperforated film
nature: Soft cheese, mixed rind, fine and tender cheese

The texture and mildness of the cheese leaves a lingering taste. Therefore, this cheese will require a reassuring, charismatic accompaniment that is able to bow before a beautiful freshness. This freshness will allow the cheese to express its strength and its character while relaying the message of a well-structured wine – in summary, an iron fist in a velvet glove. This will be the case with vintage Champagne, for example, or even better, a Grand Cru Chablis matured and aged for several years.

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