« Excellence is an art that you can only acquire by constant practice”. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit. »

– Aristote –


FROMAGERIE D’AUXON, located in Auxon, in the heart of the Champagne region, is an independent family company that ensures that knowledge and skills are passed down through four generations of cheese makers.

We are mindful of our product’s reputation and limit production quantities to avoid any compromise between quality and volume. It is this constant quest for quality and respect for tradition that gives our cheese products the distinctive and unique flavour that is recognised worldwide. Today we strive to provide our consumers with a quality that reflects our history based on passion and commitment to the attainment of cheese.


In May 1984 the SARL FROMAGERIE D’AUXON was formed and acquired the premises of the Auxon dairy cooperative. The implantation operation on these premises was completed on April 1, 1986.

In June 1987, the SARL FROMAGERIE D’AUXON made a major investment in an automatic moulding machine which perfectly reproduces the casting ladle, an inevitable mechanisation for this type of product.

This would be the beginning of using innovative techniques, as they helped blend modernity and tradition.


Authenticity and Tradition

These two values make our products recognisable. Unconditional respect for a tradition inherited over several generations, where every method and every action remains unchanged since the beginning, so that this recognised authenticity and typicality is evident over time.

Rigour and Knowledge

Refinement – the subtle mix of talent and intuition, the decisive moment which defines the character and personality, the impression of taste, so that every bite becomes a culinary experience. One single goal: the quest for perfection to achieve excellence. Knowledge at the service of taste. Rigour at the service of your satisfaction.

Quality and Standards

Milk, the first food group in the creation, is synonymous with purity, indispensable to life; it is the subject of all our attention. The specifications of the Appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) [controlled designation of origin – French quality certification] for Chaource cheese impose criteria with the highest quality standards, while ensuring reasonable production, respectful of our terroir, the only way to preserve typical regional characteristics.


Appellation d’origine protégée  (or AOP) is a European sign of certification, created in 1992. It protects the name of a product whose production, processing and preparation must take place within a given geographical area using recognised and established skills.

The AOP identifies a product through the authenticity and character of its geographical origin.

It certifies its qualities and characteristics, its knowledge passed down from generation to generation, history and acknowledgement of a process and its name, all subject to precise specifications.

In order to be recognised as Appellation d’Origine Protégée, a dairy product must

  • Be produced in a limited production area
  • Respond to specific production conditions
  • Have a firmly established reputation
  • Be subject to an approval procedure for AOC recognition by the Institut National des Appellations d’Origine (INAO) [National Institute of Designation of Origin], under the Department of Agriculture and following that, for AOP by the European Union.

Since May 1, 2009, the European AOP logo or the words “Appellation d’Origine Protégée” are required on the packaging of all products with the French AOC designation which are part of the European AOP family.

INAO website

CNAOL website


The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) label is an official certificate used to guarantee a strong and binding link between a product and its area of production, in particular the « quality, reputation or any other characteristic which can be attributed to this geographical origin ».

The rules governing the production of a PGI certified product are listed in a set of technical specifications and are subject to annual checks.


The IFS Global Markets – Food is a standardized food safety and quality development and assessment program for retailers as well as industry branded food producers. It is meant to support “small and/or less developed businesses” in the gradual development of their food safety and quality management systems. Already during development and continuously improvement of their own processes companies benefit from increased acceptance and enhanced relations with trading partners along the whole supply chain.