Soft cheese from cow’s milk with a mixed rind. Dairy cream enriches the cheese and gives it an unrivalled smoothness and soft texture. It develops subtle flavours of fresh cream and butter.

fat / total weight 36%
order / billing unit x 8
conservation: + 4 à + 6°C
packaging specifications: Label, translucent PVC film
nature: Soft cheese made with whole milk and enriched with cream

This delicious and creamy, firm textured cheese leaves floral and milky notes. The accompanying wine should, above all, not overpower it with its strength. While young Chablis wines or Champagne are good accompaniments, I really want to be daring with a more nervous wine. The Sauvignon from Saint Bris offers stricter and smoother lines, and refreshing flavours. White fruit and citrus will stimulate the creamy sensations of the cheese, a dash of verve.

Alternatives are Champagne, Chablis, white wines ranging from bold to fresh, particularly young vintages. (Jurançon, Montlouis, etc.)

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